Zöbinger Heiligenstein 1.ÖTW - Erste Lage

The geology of Heiligenstein is famous all over the world.  The reddish conglomerate of sandstone, which dates back to the Permian period, is as unique as the wine from this vineyard.
Foggy and misty weather conditions during fall result in wines with a juicy, slightly minerally flavour

and hints of stone fruit.


Zöbinger Kogelberg 1.ÖTW - Erste Lage

The foothills of the Waldviertel, part of the Bohemian Massif, consist of primary rocks and are characteristic fo their large portion of shale. Also, there are extreme changes in temperatur. This combination creates wines with a distinct mineral flavour, structure and potential for storage.


Kammerner Lamm 1.ÖTW - Erste Lage

It is located at the foot of the Heiligenstein and is one of the hottest locations in the Kamptal.

The bottom consists of a sandy silt and is underlaid with loess.

This brings highly ripe grape material and forms expressive wines.