Its namesake is the Kamp river.
With 3,802 ha of vineyards the Kamptal is one of the largest wine regions of our country.

Since the 2008 vintage, the "Kamp DAC" designation has been reserved for Grüner Veltliner and Riesling wines. The addition "Reserve" stands especially for strong, powerful and weightier DAC wines.

The Heiligenstein is one of the most important single-vineyards in the whole region, with a very special soil: a desert sandstone with volcanic constituents from the permian period, 270 million years ago.
On the steep terraces of the southern slope, mainly Riesling is grown that results in vigoros, long living wines.

The Kamptal is characterised by special climatic conditions, since hot - warm Pannonian influences collide with chilly winds from the Waldviertel.