Our winery...

...is located in Zöbing, a  quaint village situated on the river Kamp. Right where it leaves Waldviertels narrow and flows down south.

The area is not only very romantic, due to




but also predestined for viticulture. At night winds from the north cool down the vineyards and during the day rays of sun warm up the slopes and terraces.


These climate conditions, as well as the soothing calm of the Kamp river, produce a distinct fruity flavour in our wines.

Especially Grüner Veltliner and Riesling, our specialities, thrive in this area.


through our winery

4 generation Brandl in 3:50 minutes

Development and expansion of our vinery

1952-53 Founded by Johann Brandl sen.
1972 Keller extended - Keller tube
1976 handed over to his son Johann Brandl jun.
   2.3 ha of vineyards
• Expansion of the vineyards on 9 HA
• 1998 Keller additional construction
• 2008 handover to son Günther